About Us

TB Resources provides:

  • Secondary teachers and Religious Educators with up-to-date lessons in a variety of formats to make Religious Studies both appealing and engaging for their students.
  • Material on the Five major Religions – Christianity (with a focus mainly on Catholicism), Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism.
  • Information in an easy-to-use and easy-to-teach format.
  • Material that complements most Catholic Studies Curriculums in Australia.

About Trish

Over the last twenty years Trish has been writing resources for Religious Education including both Catholic Studies and material for Senior Religious Studies in State Schools. The aim of her resources is to assist teachers to prepare lessons and to develop cohesive units of work. These lessons incorporate material that is found within the schools and are designed to direct teachers to books and Internet sites which may be useful to extend their own (and their students') understanding of the topics studied.

Trish Bartlett has worked as:

  • Religious Education teacher
  • Religious Education Co-ordinator
  • Religious Education Advisor

Trish has worked at the Diocesan level developing:

  • Sacramental programmes and resources

Trish has a strong commitment toward assisting educators to teach confidently in the area of Religious Studies. Her focus is towards developing material for use in the classroom that is both informative and reflects sound teaching strategies, theology and spirituality.

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Accessing TB Resources

All material on the web site can be purchased as individual worksheets, e-booklets, presentations (data shows) etc.


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