How do I become a subscriber?

To become a subscriber or to view subscription and payment options, visit our Membership page.

I have subscribed, but when I tried to log in it says that my account is not yet activated. What do I do?

You will need to wait for your payment to be processed and your account to be activated. On activating your account TB Resources will send you an email notification.

I tried to login, but I received a message saying that this user is not found. What's wrong?

Check whether the username you are entering is correctly spelled. Usernames are case sensitive (ie. trish is not the same as Trish). If you have spaces and other punctuation in your username, they must be correctly included as well.

If you are not paying online, it may take a few days for payment to come through. We will notify you when your account becomes active.

If I subscribe today and pay by credit card, when can I access the "Members' Area"?

Approval will be moments away. As soon as the card is approved you will be able to use the site almost immediately. TBR has real time payment facilities and, therefore, you will have instant access to the members’ area if your payment details are valid. Our automated system will notify you within minutes when your account is activated.

If I subscribe today and pay with an offline method, when can I access the "Members' Area"?

As soon as the payment is received we will notify you. Please make sure you check your email after you make the payment, as our notification will come via email unless another method of communication is requested.

I want to find out what is new on the Web site. How can I do this?

Go to the ‘Home’ page which will show the lastest resources.